Welcome to Atlanta AGO!

Welcome to Atlanta AGO!


The Atlanta Chapter of the AGO is excited to host the 2020 Convention of the American Guild of Organists.  We look forward to welcoming organist from across the country and around the world to our beautiful city.  Atlanta is a diverse city in culture, race, ethnicity, organs and sacred musical styles.

Our theme is kaleidoscope and we hope to share with you the many shapes and colors that make this diverse city so great.  We hope attendees will enjoy experiencing and exploring some of the many opportunities that Atlanta is known for.  This includes some of our wonderful churches and other venues that will be highlighted at the convention.

We anticipate this convention being like no other in the past, using more technology and a diverse kaleidoscope of sound, artists and worship styles.   Attendees will have access to apps to make the experience more informative, educational and user friendly.   We will also be showcasing some very unique instruments both historic and new.  Attendees will experience a variety of music, organs and worship styles as well.  The convention will feature a variety of some of the world’s most noted organists.

Atlanta has much to offer visitors.  As home of the Civil Rights movement, we invite attendees to visit the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial sites as well as the Civil Rights Museum.  The New Atlanta Benz Stadium is the most technological advanced sports arena in the country.  The host hotel will be steps away from Centennial Olympic Park, the Coca Cola museum, Sky View and the Georgia Aquarium.

You may follow announcements about the convention at www.AGOAtlanta2020.com .  We invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  You may visit our booth at the Kansas City convention in the summer of 2018 for a sneak peek at what lies ahead.

Join us as we in Atlanta from July 5th through July 9th 2020.  We promise the most you will experience true southern hospitality.